Looking to hire?
Do you have a vacancy you need filled?
Want to stay in touch with the best available talent?
Launchtwo People are selective in the clients we represent.
In adition to sourcing talent, we help guide our clients through the entire hiring process to help ensure our clients can attract and retain the best calibre candidates .
Before hiring, we help our clients establish:
  • Mission for the role – what is the core purpose for this role?
  • Outcomes of the role – have you outlined specifically what the new hire needs to accomplish?
  • Core competencies – how do you expect a new hire to operate in fulfilling the role and achieve the desired outcomes?
  • What is compelling about the role?
Once we have established all of the above, we can ‘go to market’ and objectively assess a candidate against the brief.
Are you trained and ready to interview candidates? We can help prepare you for your TOP GRADING interview process.