Our Values
Our values ultimately determine who we are, how we operate and what decisions we will make. Our team collaborated together to put together a list of 15 key values which guide us day to day.
Judgment: Your judgment calls turn out well. Your insights are influential and important. You are an expert at what you do and a source that other employees look upon for guidance.
Empowerment: Is it right for the client? Is it right for our company? Is it ethical? Is it something for which you are willing to be accountable? Is it consistent with our company’s basic beliefs? If the answer is YES to all five, then DON’T ASK QUESTIONS, JUST DO IT!!
Productivity: You are very effective in getting work done. What you accomplish amazes people.
Creativity: You are inventive. You re-conceptualize issues to come up with innovative but practical solutions to hard problems.
Intelligence: You think broadly and strategically. You make subtle connections others miss. You absorb large amounts of information rapidly. You learn fast. You can change directions rapidly when appropriate.
Honesty & Integrity: You are known for your sincerity. You have an intuitive sense of truthfulness in regard to the motivations for all of your actions. You are non-political and straightforward.
Communication: You are effective communicating both in meetings and 1 to 1. You practice ‘seek first to understand, then to be understood’. You are a great listener and ask relevant questions.
Selflessness: You are perceived to be guided by what you think is best for the company and value maintaining long term standing relationships. You are ego-less and value whats best for the team.
Reliability: Colleagues perceive they can depend upon you.
Passion: You care deeply about the success of our company and your colleagues know it. Your thirst for excellence is infectious and inspiring.
Respect: You respect the opportunity and resources you have with Launchtwo. You respect others around you.
Continuous improvement: We admit when we make mistakes, we learn from experiences, we bounce back and stay positive. Every experience is a learning opportunity. The faster we learn the more we can achieve. We always want to learn and improve – regardless of our previous experience and results. We can always achieve more.
Transparency – in our individual and group results and in our approach with our clients. We are accountable when things are measured.
Entrepreneurship – no doubt about it, we are here to grow. We constantly innovate. We challenge the status quo. We are willing to try new things, and take risks. We back people.
FUN– we build in fun to our schedule. We reward successes, we do fun things together regularly. We share in each others successes.